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CQYHC continue to strive to make our customer service the best in the industry
with professional technique and high reliability products.
More than 60 engineers work in turbine, generator, and valve study and design at CYHGC Research and Center, including 5 professor engineers, 20 senior engineers, 40 plus engineers.
•We invented the patented inline nozzle.
•We invented the patented self-closing deflector and needle nozzle for fail-safe functions.
•We invented the patented pressure relief valve that can be used to replace the hydro plant surge tower, and now is widely used in many projects.
•We invented vertical Pelton Turbine Generator Unit with two bearings.
•We invented self-lubricated radial thrust bearing.
•We designed the highest head (1022 m) Pelton unit in China.
•We designed the first 4-nozzle Vertical Pelton turbine in China.
•We designed the first 15MW bulb turbine unit in China.
•All our units design meets or exceeds the most stringent international standards.

                                           APPLICATION RANGE FOR VARIOUS TYPES OF HYDRAULIC TURBINE

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